Dignitas launches new corporate website

The Dignitas Website was a couple of years old and starting to feel a little dated, so we felt the need to launch a new site.

When designing the new site, our aim was to take into account not only our Consultancy work, but to showcase our various services and websites so people can see our work.  Whilst our previous site did this, we wanted to provide more details, and even previews of what was currently in place as well as anything that was up and coming.


Dignitas launches its Blog

Dignitas has launched its Blog.  As our Clients will tell you, we do not believe in recreating the wheel, if there is something out there good enough, we will use it.  For this reason we are pleased to advise that our Blog is a further piece of quality Open Source Software called pebble.

Our own blog can be found here.

Dignitas Launches Corporate Web Site

Dignitas is pleased to announce the launch of its new Corporate web site.

Managing Director, Craig Golby said, "after 3 months of intensive design and development work this is a key moment in the life of Dignitas. -  The site encompasses the Dignitas brand, and provides information relating to its Services and Products".


Dignitas Cookies Policy

Dignitas Cookies Policy

The Dignitas Web Site does not use cookies to track you or your journey across the internet, nor does it use any information about you to promote any advertising to you.  We do make use of Google Analytics, and as a result it is currently necessary to use cookies for this purpose. We have published our cookies policy, which you should read to find out more about the cookies we use.