Dignitas launches new corporate website

So on our homepage you will find an imagae slider that demonstrates our three prime products, CredAbility, HousAt & DignitAp.  In addition, from the menu, you will be able to browse more information about these products, as well as our Services based primarily around Consultancy Services, as well as Resource Management, Software Development & Software Support.

We are very happy with what we have built and hope that you will find what you need here.  If you have any comments or questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Whilst making this announcement, we would also like to make a rare, but becoming more common, commitment to our Customers, our Prospects and our Country.  The Dignitas Team are based in Central England, and will work throughout the UK as our Clients require it.  We do not and will not off-shore any Client work, ensuring that you can have confidence in the deliverables that we supply to you.  

Dignitas Cookies Policy

Dignitas Cookies Policy

The Dignitas Web Site does not use cookies to track you or your journey across the internet, nor does it use any information about you to promote any advertising to you.  We do make use of Google Analytics, and as a result it is currently necessary to use cookies for this purpose. We have published our cookies policy, which you should read to find out more about the cookies we use.